The Landry’s will be your hosts as you discover that there is no better way to explore the Canadian Rockies than on horseback. Ray Landry began in the outfitting U Bar Ranch during the early 80’s wrangling in Jasper National Park and the Willmore for such notable outfitters as Wald Olson and Ron Moore. Ray later became a certified farrier; Brenda completed schooling in Biological and Environmental Sciences and obtained her EC Level 1 Western Rider Instructor certification. Today Ray leads daily ranch operation, while Brenda works for local industry as an ESH professional.


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Ray, Brenda, Rory, Tina, Brooklyn, Payden, Joey, Tyler

And then there was Ryder


Their children Joey and Rory grew up at the ranch helping with trail rides, pack trips and summer camps. They are now grown with families of their own but still actively involved in the ranch operation.

Joey loved to compete in gymkhanas at local rodeos growing up and traveling with her mom to expand her horsemanship knowledge at clinics. She could pack up horses on her own by the time she was 13 and was the head wrangler on many summer trips. It was on horseback, out in the backcountry that Joey met her partner Tyler McMahon.

From the time he was 3 years old, Tyler spent his summers in the Willmore with his parents who own and operate an outfitting company that takes summer trail rides and hunters into the backcountry. He and Joey now also assist in the operating of Sherwood Guide and Outfitting.

With young Brooklyn and Payden keeping her busy, Joey still finds time to stay actively involved in the U Bar ranch management in marketing and sales and as the U Bar breeding manager. She rides competitive reining horses and looks forward to progressing with her show horses in the years to come.

Rory Landry and partner Tina Blois reside in Grande Cache. Rory’s first experience on horseback was going down the trail with his Dad at 10 weeks old in a snuggly. He too, could pack a horse and was wrangling by the time he was 14. At 15 he left home to pursue a hockey career, eventually spending his final year in Australia. Rory is still an avid hiker and fisherman. He assists with ranch chores and ongoing building and trail maintenance. Tina arrived in Grande Cache from Nova Scotia in 2012. She has a degree in English Literature as well as a diploma in teaching English as a second language from St. Mary’s University in Halifax. Currently she is a Coordinator for the Town of Grande Cache specializing in Youth programs. Tina loves the outdoors and as a new member of the family she is excited to learn and assist with the summer camps, as well as looks forward to living the ranch life. Ryder Daniel Landry is the newest littler rancher in the Landry family and already owns his first pair of cowboy boots.